// Free Secure Code Warrior Plugin for SCM-Manager

Enhance your secure coding skills in a fast and fun way:
With Secure Code Warrior trainings and micro-learning

Secure Code Warrior empowers developers to write secure code through training videos and game-based exercises. With the free and exclusive plugin for SCM-Manager all resources are automatically shown right where you need them: In your Pull Requests.

Warrior with shield

Spread the word or learn from others

Get relevant facts about security issues directly at your PR. Short descriptions and links to training videos are automatically generated when specific keywords are used.
Warrior with pirate pistol

Break down security knowledge silos

Reviewers don't need to know all about the targeted vulnerability beforehand. They learn about it on the fly while doing the review of your PR.
Warrior with electric gun

Free and exclusive Cloudogu Plugin

The plugin is a simple and fast way to increase skill adoption through micro learning. With your myCloudogu account you can download this useful plugin for free.
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