// Test your secure coding know-how!

Do you know how good your Secure Coding skills are? Register for our Secure Coding tournament and find out! It’s anonymous and for all skill levels.

Together with Secure Code Warrior, Cloudogu offers you this free, 2 hour Secure Coding tournament. You will be able to test your IT security knowledge around the OWASP Top 10. No matter if you have years of experience or just started with programming.

Furthermore, attendees can use the Secure Code Warrior platform free for 7 days after the event to face more challenges and different programming languages.

Play the tournament in one of these programming languages:

  • Kubernetes Basic
  • Java Basic
  • C# .NET Basic
  • C# .NET MVC
  • JavaScript Basic
  • JavaScript React
  • Go
  • PHP Basic
  • Python

// You can only win!

With our Secure Coding tournament you not only deepen your know-how about security aspects of coding in a playful way, but you can also win exciting prizes. Sign up now!

Image of a Raspberry Pi 4 on a circle

1st place
Raspberry Pi® 4 B (8 GB 4 x 1.5 GHz)

Image of a YubiKey 5C on a circle

2nd place
YubiKey 5C NFC

Image of a hoodie, t-shirt and water bottle on a circle

3rd-5th place
Secure Code Warrior Goodies

// What participants in other tournaments say

It is an interesting and exciting way to learn and review safe programming skills. I think every developer should try it at least once. I like that the emphasis is more on development than offensive skills. Before I used Secure Code Warrior, any security challenge or exercise I saw was purely offensive. Wojciech Cichon, developer at Aegon, OWASP UK Secure Code Warrior tournament

// How to participate

Image of a calendar

When and where does it start?

The Secure Coding tournament starts on September 29, 2021 at 11 a.m. CEST on the myCloudogu platform. Registrations are already possible now. Register right now, it’s free!
Image of a registration form

How does the registration work?

Register now using the link below and get access to our tournament area on myCloudogu. There you will find further information and details about the tournament process.
Logos of Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior

Who are we?

As partners, Cloudogu and Secure Code Warrior have set themselves the goal of simplifying the development of secure software. To do this, they combine solutions for the simple provision of infrastructures with contextual learning.

Image sources: © Secure Code Warrior Limited & Cloudogu GmbH